Product Review – Bullet Colour Restorer & Carnauba Wax Spray

IMG_20160124_114216A while back the lovely people at Bullet got in touch and offered to send me some of their products to have a look at – of course I said yes. Circumstances – mainly the weather, but also the day job – prevented us from trying out the products until last week when we were away in the ‘van for the half-term break.

They sent us two products from their range. The first was the 357 Colour Restorer. A mild cutting compound designed to remove oxidation on the more delicate paint surfaces of caravans and the like. I centrered my attentions on the rather lifeless paintwork of Patsy’s (that’s our caravan for any newcomers) door and set to work.DSC_0007

It’s applied with a damp sponge – using a circular motion much as you would with more abrasive cutting compounds on cars and was very effective. Polishing off with a bog standard mirco-fibre cloth produced a smooth finished that both looked and felt great. Moreover it was mild enough to be used on any exterior surface of the caravan – even the windows and was very effective in areas around any trim, where there had been a bit of build up of grime. A little goes a long way and I would think you could do the whole ‘van with this one small container although I wouldn’t use it everytime – perhaps once a year would be sufficient, save for the ineveitable ‘mascara runs’ from the window rubbers which it was also very effective in removing. Patsy is nine years old so her paintwork is no longer top notch, but this product certainly took a few years off her. Olay, L’Oreal et al, you got some competition!IMG_20160124_114205

Next up was the spray polish – the Carnauba Wax spray. Sprayedon, wiped off, then polished dry, again using bog standard micro-fibre cloths. Wow. If I though the finished left by the colour restorer was good, this was something else else. Unlike creme based polishes I’ve used this required very little elbow grease and could be applied, removed and finished quickly. Once again, it could be used on any exterior surface of the ‘van and whilst the finish on the paintwork was great, the resulting gleam from the windows was outstanding. Very, very impressed. A rather unscientific experiment with a watering can showed it’s water repellant qualities to be excellent too.

DSC_0012So, all in all a couple of great products. Whilst they are aimed primarily at the leisure vehicle and marine markets I am looking forward to trying the wax out on the car. Living by the sea, it’s bodyork is under contstant attack from the salt air and the carnauba wax would provide great protection I’m sure.


Bullet have produced some videos on You Tube to help you get the best from their products:

If you like what you see – and I certainly did - you can buy their products direct from their website – as well as various other retailers.