Kilrock - Moisture Trap and Mould Killer

Time - at last -  for another product review. I’ve been sitting on these for a while - not literally - because they arrived just before we departed on our Easter break up north - and since we’ve been back the overtime has been flooding in at work. Anyway, here goes.

We have two products here that the good folk at sent for me to have a look at. The first is their Damp Clear Moisture Trap.

WP_20160318_13_53_52_ProNow, we may be fortunate but we don't have an issue with damp in the  caravan - not one that showed up in her annual service anyway. Yes, there’s always some condensation when it’s been really cold at night but nothing out of the ordinary. Our flat however is a different matter. WP_20160509_08_57_48_Pro


We’ve used moisture traps  for sometime now - particularly in the problem areas such as the bedroom and toilet - and the traps certainly collect plenty of moisture. I have a couple of different makes but the designs are largely the same. The crystals sit in a cover tray with a chamber to collect the water underneath.

The product from Kilrock is a little different. The profile of the unit is higher and the design means that more of the moisture attracting crystals are exposed to the air, making it more efficient. In a thoroughly unscientific experiment this certainly seemed to be the case - and this is what makes it better than it’s rival products. For comparison here are the units side by side, the Kilrock one is on the left:


The retail price is £4.99 - and this includes a fill of the hydroscopic crystals which should last around three months. It’s available from the usual DIY stores as well as online at and a quick search on the ‘net revealed this to be around the going rate for this type of product and is in line with what I paid for mine some years ago.

Next up is their Blast Away Mould.

WP_20160509_09_12_54_ProAgain, I have some experience of this type of product. There are a few specific locations in our flat that suffer from mould during the damper winter months, thanks in the main to ageing and ill fitting double glazing units. Once a month or so I use a spray on product around the problem areas - and in the main it is effective.WP_20160509_09_13_16_Pro

The product from Kilrock works in a similar way - you apply it, wait thirty minutes, wipe off and the mould is gone. The method of application here is different though and this is where it has some advantages. It is in gel form rather than liquid, so there is less chance of it running off to where you don’t want it. In addition it is applied with a brush, making it easier to target specific areas more effectively, rather than just spray and hope.

It was equally as effective in getting rid of the mould as my existing product - the strong smell of bleach was again present which would suggest that the ingredients are similar, but the method of application made for more precise targeting of the problem areas.

The retail price is £3.99 and is available as above - and again seems to be around the going rate.

So, a couple of really useful products from Kilrock that may be equally of use at home or when you are away in the caravan. If you are in the market for these types of products, check them out.