in 1995 I started writing my first travel diary, on our first ever trip to Australia. I made notes daily and sent a letter home to Mum & Dad weekly.

My first ‘blog’ came on an escorted tour of Egypt in February 2009 following the purchase of a little netbook. My partner Trev spoke to his Mum daily at home, but with phone calls from Egypt prohibitively expensive I put together some photo’s and text and emailed them to a her and a few people – who seemed to quite enjoy what I was doing.

This continued for all our foreign holidays and cruises and all the blogs I’ve written can now be found over at www.aloadofnonsense.uk

Since early 2012 we have been caravanning  and here is were you will find the blogs of all our trips, including the marathon 20 part British Isles Tour blog recording our three month trip around the British Isles as almost complete caravanning novices. The links on the column to the right will take you to pages for other regions and areas we’ve visited.

An advantage of all this travelling is the extensive ‘research’ that I’ve been able to conduct on my er, hobby. Head over to the Ale Archive for a pictorial record of all the real ale I’ve sampled on our travels.

I hope you enjoy my random ramblings. I’m well aware that some of my blog entries are better than others, indeed when I start to write one I soon get an idea of whether it’s any good by how easy the words come. I welcome any comment good or bad. You can comment at the bottom of each entry use the contact form to get in touch. It would be good to hear from you.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook where you will find updates on what we’re up to when we’re travelling.

In August 2018 Trev  - my partner of 27 years - passed away after suffering a massive heart attack whilst we were away in the caravan. I decided to carry on touring as I love caravanning every bit as much as he did. My first trip as a solo - and indeed single - caravanner was in October 2018. You can find that blog post HERE.


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