The capital in a caravan?  Not as silly as it sounds and we've done many times now, mostly staying at the Caravan Club site at Crystal Palace.

The first time, as you will see was our very first trip out in a caravan - ever.

March 2012

May 2013
October 2013
This visit was part of a longer trip called 'The Festive Threesome' which encompassed Kent and Cambridge too. Links to the whole 'Festive Threesome' trip our listed here, but parts 3 & 4 are the ones from London:
 December 2014
 This was again part of a longer trip, encompassing Suffolk, Cambridge and London. Here's the London bit:

February 2016

December 2016

Again, part of a longer trip:

October 2018

The second half of this trip was once again at the Crystal Palace club site:

February 2019

Back again at Crystal Palace for half-term:



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