The Flat – Week One

Hmm, what’s this got to do with caravans then? Well, not a lot although, as it happens there is a sort of link. Many will know that we have recently downsized, selling our bungalow - ‘Border Control' - and buying a flat – name yet to be decided. The whole idea is to release cash to fund a year long trip in to Europe in our ‘van as well as having a place that’s easier to lock up and leave and not worry about gardening etc.

There’s things to do in the flat, and as its a while for our next outing in Patsy – 5 weeks & 5 days at the time of typing – not that I’m counting – I thought I’d chronicle our progress in weekly-ish photo updates. So to start things off, photos of the day we got the keys:



As you can see, laminate flooring everywhere. It’s got to come up – we don’t like it but it’s also against the terms of the lease.

Brilliant white everywhere. That’s going to be softened down a bit and the kitchen needs a decent sink and some units moving around.

So, at the end of the first week, what does it look like:


Units moved in kitchen – the plumber is due this week to do the rest. The second bedroom is the workshop and store room. The laminate floor and pine skirting board has been removed from the hall and the main bedroom which is being decorated.

This week – all being well -  the cupboard in the hall is coming out to open it up as well as the box section thingy in the lounge. More decoration and removal of the rest of the laminate floor. Windows are having new catches and mechanisms fitted and wardrobes and units for the main bedroom are coming Friday – flat packed. Grrr!

We have got another ten days on site here in Brighton. By then the kitchen and main bedroom should be complete so at least we can move in.

Check back for another progress report soon!

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