Time to say goodbye…..

We took dear old Patsy over to the dealers today for her check over and to say goodbye. We’re not picking Patsy 2 up until next week but it was silly to drag her ladyship  all the way back to storage.


Whilst they were checking her over we had the chance to look at Patsy 2 and get a few photos, so here she is:




With everything completed it was time to say goodbye to the old girl, and I must say she has done us proud. Incredible it is that 2 years ago we hadn’t even bought a caravan, yet look at what we’ve done and where we’ve been with her since. That first trip to Crystal Palace then the 3 month trek around the British Isles. Shorter trips to Essex, Dorset, Somerset, the Cotswolds & Kent to name a few. That lovely summer down in Cornwall and Devon too. She’s kept us warm, dry and comfortable and given us some great adventures, although we never got her over the channel and in to Europe.

Patsy 2 – you’ve got  a lot to live up to, but somehow I think you’ll manage!

Bye darlin’.


Of course, that would have been the last we’d see of her, but we were back at the dealers not five minutes later, for a final glance at her ladyship…….and retrieve the cutlery that was still in the kitchen drawer. Doh!

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