An Easter(n) Escape part 5 - North Yorkshire: Coast & Valley

Sunday saw us make the 90 or so mile journey from Acklington in Northumberland down to Lythe in North Yorkshire. It was a leisurely start and we got away soon after 10am joining the A19 and passing through the Tyne Tunnel and skirting Middlesbrough before joining the A171 and through the top of the North Yorkshire Moors. Rosie again towed well, although was a little thirstier this time around managing 25mpg rather than the 27 she achieved on the way up from Brampton.WP_20150322_005

We arrived around 12:30pm and having pre-paid were shown straight to our pitch. We asked for a hard standing just in case  - it’s still only March after all - and were glad we did. But not for that reason. The views from the pitch were stunning - looking over farmland and out to sea. Not for the first time we blessed the motor mover and eased Patsy on to the Pitch nose first to ensure we could make the most of the view.

I like to do our usual ‘arrived & sited’ post on Farcebook and twitter together with a photo but my mobile could not be coaxed in to picking up a signal at all and Trev’s was showing Emergency Only. A scan with the lappy showed there was no wi-fi either. Jeez, this was serious - we might end up having to talk to one another! All was not lost though as TV reception was good!

With the local pub not doing food we descended the steep hill in to Sandsend to procure some tea which Trev cooked - well, the oven warmed up - whilst I bashed away at the keyboard knocking out a blog. It’s amazing how much easier it was without the ‘net to distract me.

It was time for a scrub up and the facilities didn’t disappoint with a heated floor and hot powerful showers. Not exactly push button but a wave of a hand over the sensor triggers the water flow. It seemed to be able to distinguish between body parts however as despite my best efforts and a John Travolta Night Fever’esque wiggle the sensor stubbornly refused to recognise my substantial backside…

With completed blog poised on the lappy, we headed out in search a wifi signal. The pub - just 100 yards up the road seemed an obvious starting point, but we thought (mistakenly) that there was no wifi and with a quiz in full flow we sank a very nice pint and headed off.

We were soon to find an ‘office’ with the full range of facilities however and said blog was duly dispatched.DSC_0010

Monday and we were back on the road again - without Patsy this time, heading to Redcar up the coast. The only thing I knew about Redcar was that it had a race course, but there was a large, seemingly recent developed promenade in the town and some fine looking beaches too. Across the mouth of the Rivers Tees you could see the headland at Hartlepool which we visited almost exactly a year ago. A cafe on the seafront at the edge of town seemed an appropriate place to stop - and with a delicious mug of tea for only a quid it was obvious while it was so busy.


DSC_0014Saltburn-by-the-Sea was next and we paused to admire some smart terraces. A brief pootle round revealed a clean and tidy town that seemed to be doing well.

No sooner were we back on the coast road when we turned off to the village of Skinningrove. There was a museum on the way to a little harbour which deserved a photo or two. We could have done a reverse ferret and gone straight back to the main road but to our right was a narrow road climbing up the hillside that was just demanding to be driven.

Well aside from a turn down to a dead end it was well worth it and there were some great views to be had before we eventually rejoined the main road just ahead of Staithes.


Access to the old town of Staithes was - according to the notice strictly residents only, though if anyone asks I didn’t see the sign. What a delightful place but it was clear to see why they limited traffic. We’ll come back and park at the top and walk down when we’re feeling more energetic. Like we should have done this time.


We paused at Runswick for coffee, but having visited last year decided against going down into the bay.

Passing the site at Lythe our final stop (the supermarket notwithstanding) was at Sandsend, a beautifully photogenic little place. I duly obliged.


Enquiries on site revealed that we could use the pub’s internet so that was where we ended up after dinner as there was another blog to send. I do love working late at the office. Cheers!

Tuesday - blimey that’s today - at the time of typing anyway. You can still I’ve not had the ever distracting internet on tap. Anyway, we were up early - very early for a holiday. We’d decided to have a car free day and take the bus in to Whitby prior to catching a train, which is why we were standing at a bus stop before 7:30am. Yeah, I know.

Clearly such an early start meant no time for breakfast prior to leaving Patsy and thanks to the local joined up transport policy we had nearly an hour to kill. And Wetherspoons was open for breakfast. Join the dots.

The train journey in question was from Whitby to Middlesbrough through - according to the website - the gorgeous Esk Valley. And they weren't lying either. It was lovely and with the sun putting in an appearance at frequent intervals to it couldn’t have been better. Wonderful scenery and quaint little stations too boot.




It took just under 90 minutes to reach Middlesbrough stopping at 16 stations on the way. It was all about the journey for us, so we’d done no research on Middlesbrough and spent the time mooching around the shops in the centre pausing for a caffeine fix at various intervals. We did hunt out the famous transporter bridge though - which wasn’t hard because it’s pretty big.

The journey back gave us the opportunity to view the scenery from the opposite side - at least when we’d changed seats twice and worked out which direction the train was going.WP_20150324_008

Arriving back again, careful planning by the bus and train companies ensured a long wait at the bus station but it didn’t spoil what was a great day.

So, there we are. Working late at the office again. Oh, the hardship!

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