The Tug – An update

DSC_0012Last year we looked at ‘The Tug’ a portable trailer/caravan dolly designed to make moving your caravan or other trailered object that much easier.

Well, it was a great product and one that we very much enjoyed testing. You can find my original review HERE.


We were recently sent an upgrade kit – a third wheel – designed to make manoeuvring even easier and were only too happy to try it out. A recent ‘TwitterCamp’ meet up in the midlands gave us the perfect opportunity.

As you can see, the third wheel assembly clamps on to the handle shaft. There is no right or wrong position but the handles of the tug should sit at a comfortable height for the operator without bending his or her back.


On hooking the Tug up to the caravan it soon became clear how much more control the third wheel gave. Just a little downward pressure was needed to keep the third wheel on the ground when pushing but this gave much more control when manoeuvring the caravan.Less effort was required to keep the tug steady and more could be put into actual manoeuvring.


The third wheel is available as a separate item on the website and will fit all models. It’s a well worthwhile addition to your existing Tug particularly if you need to move heavier items like caravans, when the increased stability is a welcome addition.

October 2015