Bar Keepers Friend – Powder, Spray & Cream

WP_20160519_20_04_52_ProFollowing on from my review of the Damp Clear Moisture Trap & Blast Away Mould the good folk at Kilrock sent me some products from their Bar Keepers Friend Range. I knew nothing about their products but a friend swore by them, so lets have a look. There are three products to look at - Power Spray, Stain Remover which comes in powder form, and Power Cream, which you may have deduced, is a cream like product!

First up was the Power Spray - and our kitchen sink. The sink normally gets a regular wipe over but I’d deliberately left it longer to see what the product could do. That’s my excuse anyway!


As you can see, a nice finish, though perhaps not the sternest of tests. What I like though was that I didn’t need to use a lot of the spray and therefore rinsing after was easier. It coped easily with the areas where scale tends to build up - around taps and so on.


Of course this was at home in the flat, but it was equally effective in the sink in the caravan too.

Next was the powder stain remover. I tried this on a wire shelf from the oven, sprinkling some of the product onto a damp washing up sponge, then applying, rinsing off under the tap. As you can see it was pretty effective.


Next up, and perhaps the sternest test was a teapot. Let’s just say that it’s been a while since it had anything other than a run under the tap to rinse out. Even multiple cycles on the most intense programme on the dishwasher failed to dislodge the dried encrusted tea dregs. I used the spray first and this dislodged some of the lighter staining higher up the inside, but made little impression further down and the base. The cream was better but the real star here was the powder. I wont pretend it was easy, such was the level of caking, but we got there in the end. I would apply the powder liberally, work in with a damp sponge, leave a few minutes then work in more with a metal scourer. Rinse, then repeat. The effort was worth it:


The powder was also pretty effective on the Cadac gas grill, although like a numpty I forgot to take pictures. To be fair it struggled a bit on the deflector – the bit where all the fat and grease runs on to before ending up in the trough – but that’s at the stage where a hammer and chisel would be more in order!

I used the cream on the bath yesterday and whilst it didn’t appear any more or less effective than my usual cream cleaner – rinsing down was easier. It may be simply that less of the product is needed so there is less to rinse away at the end.

The powder was without doubt the most effective at stubborn stains and dirt and it’s formation means you can alter it’s strength – wetting the surface or applicator more or less. I would recommend a metal scourer rather than a sponge though where possible for tougher jobs.

The spray is a good all rounder and requires minimal rinsing. Great for larger surfaces, and you don’t need too much of it.

So, an impressive trio of products from BKF. A quick search on the ‘net reveals a considerable difference in pricing. I’ve seen the powder and power spray on sale for between £1.99 - £2.99 each and the cream cleaner for between £2.50 - £3.50. For more information, check out the distributors website HERE.

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