Summertime (?) in Seven Counties Part 2 – A bit more Devon

Rain has brought a halt to proceedings here at our current site in Cirencester so I thought I should get you up to date with the remainder of our time in Devon.

Having visited before, we had never planned a full week of sightseeing, in fact the hope was, to laze around during the day – in the sun – and have a drive out in the evenings. Well, we did do a fair bit of lazing around but in the ‘van rather than out as there was more chance of frostbite than sunburn. I ploughed through the latest from Ian Rankin while Trev punctuated dozes with a few pages of a John Grisham.

A rare sunny if windy late afternoon saw us in Woolacombe for a bite to eat and wander around. Sadly, the beer was too warm and flat and the burgers – whilst never going to be a healthy option – could really have done with a ‘statin chaser. A visiting Aussie singer & musician provided entertained the crowd in the courtyard.

Woolacombe is a well deserving of a few lens clicks so I duly obliged. It’s a lovely location and the beach is wonderful:


On the Monday night site managers Judith & Mike joined us for a bbq. The little Cadac and flat bed was crammed full or burgers, bangers, chicken breasts and gammon steaks but there was enough to go around and by some miracle all seemed adequately cooked rather than raw or cremated. We sat outside, the grog taking the edge off the fresh wind blowing in from the sea. It was a great evening.

And aside from a couple of quick excursions for bits and bobs, that was the end of our stay in North Devon. We had a lovely time and feel at least partially, recharged. There are lots of choices if you're heading this way, but please do give Warcombe Farm a look. It is a family site but prevailing ambience is  tranquil yet homely. There are a variety of different pitches ranging from grass with no electric, lake view, hard standings, fully serviced, secluded and sea views.


Family and ensuite facilities are available as well as the more usual separate arrangements and all are kept immaculate.



TV wise, we picked up both South West & Wales even when pointing the caravan aerial in different directions – and that was without an amplifier – as ours is broke. Mobile wise Vodafone was fine, but Three was a bit weak and no good for sharing as a WiFi Hotspot. Site Wi-Fi was available and if I recall, it was £15.00 for a week for up to two devices, but it’s worth remembering that this is a rural location, so you aren't going to get the sort of speeds you may be used to at home. We used a recently purchased 4G mobile Wi-Fi adaptor with an EE SIM. It was quick and reliable picking up 4G most of the time.

So, that’s that for Devon. We both would like to say a big thank you to Judith, Mike and all at Warcombe Farm for a great stay. It was, once again, very enjoyable. To finish, a video slide show with some photos’s from our sightseeing and this lovely campsite can be seen HERE

Right, One down, Six to go. Up next is Gloucestershire, to be represented by Cirencester Caravan Club Site for a short stop.  I Look out for a blog soon.




  1. Mobile signal report is definitely a useful addition to the site reviews, thanks!

  2. Ta, it's something I intend to do more of - when I remember! Cheers

  3. Hi there! Just read your article! Going to Devon first time end of August and staying at husband and I are newbies to caravanning as only purchased our first one last year and only done a few trips so far...your pictures look amazing and the site/area is just what we want...hope we enjoy it ...along with our labradoodle as much as you...can't wait !