The Road to Somewhere Part 3 – Give me a pea please…

Hello again.

By the time you get this we will have moved sites to be a bit closer to Addenbrookes where daily visits continue to see HRH aka Trev’s Mum or Hilda. They continue to look after her and are trying to treat her various ailments. She is no doubt a lot better than when she went in but a ‘release’ date has not yet been discussed. She does seem to have accepted that she wont be able to go home to her bungalow and that a nursing home is needed. The doctor in charge of her care is – according to her, gorgeous and very good looking – qualities she has mentioned more than once - which may go some way to explaining her acquiescence. I have not seem him yet so am unable to pass judgement but good on him for managing to eventually bring her around to the idea.

Away from the hospital we haven’t done any sightseeing – unless you count the inside of the pub I guess! We caught up with some more friends Thursday evening for grog and grub – and thank you Janet, the cake was delicious – and Alan, so were the beers!

I had the day off from visiting on Friday to catch up with some blog stuff – a couple more Site Arrival videos, the link for one of which is to the site in Littleport which you’ll find below.

Normal service resumed on Saturday and after visiting her ladyship we steered Rosie in the direction of the village of Witcham in general and the White Horse in particular. Yes, another pub. However our visit was not to imbibe but to catch up with a friend who was helping out. Yeah right.

The pub is a free house and serves an ever changing selection of three real ales. Two of them I had tried before but one of the two was one of my favourites – Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. It seemed only right to check if it had travelled well down the A1 from Yorkshire. I am happy to report that it did.

The pub had a patio area at the rear and a walk through to the ‘secret’ garden – a delightful little oasis that was full of colour and a cracking place to enjoy a pint. Or two. The pictures are with my new but cheap Galaxy J3 so do not really do it justice.


Right, so a pub with real ale and a nice garden. Big deal you might think, but there’s one other feature worth a mention that will (hopefully) bring me seamlessly to next item on the agenda. The pub has a pea board. Not a dart board, but a pea board – with a marked out oche in a shelter out back. You can buy said peas and a pea shooter from behind the bar:


Why? Well, Witcham was that very weekend holding the world, yes world, Pea Shooting Championships. I kid you not. I haven’t used a pea shooter since I was  a kid – and that didn’t change this weekend - but I love stuff like this – be it welly throwing or cheese rolling, or whatever It’s what makes us so quintessentially British – and long may it continue.

So, that’s it for our stay in Littleport but before I wind this up, just a bit about the site and some pics. It’s set in 4 acres with trees dotted around providing some shade. Static caravans surround some of the site which welcomes those who camp under canvas as well as motorhomes and caravans. Dogs are welcome but children are not as it’s adults only. The River Great Ouse is just across the road and you can buy fishing permits on site and store bait in a dedicated fridge too. There is the usual shower, toilet and wash up facilities which were all kept very clean and tidy. There were no laundry facilities however. We thought it was good value for seventeen quid a night but if you want to go off grid you can save another £2.50/night.


We used the onsite WiFi which was provided by Caravan Connect. Various packages were available from an hour to a year – we bought a week for fifteen quid but bear in mind this was for once device. Of course we had the Solwise WiFi aerial and router kit so that wasn’t an issue and had one laptop, two pads and two phones connected. Download and Upload speeds were consistently around the 5Mbps mark.

Mobile networks varied when popping a SIM card in the Huawei MiFi – 3 showed 1/5 on 4G. Vodafone gave 5/5 on 3G, EE 3/5, again on 3G. O2 showed zilch. Entirely unscientific but it gives you an idea of what to expect.

Right, that’s it for now. Until the next time, thanks as always for reading.


Rich & Trev

Site Arrival Video


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