The Road to Somewhere Part 6 – Getting Somewhere

Hello, and firstly, thank you. Part 5 was one of our best read blogs of the year – by some margin. It was also the easiest one of the summer to write. Which is more than can be said for this one at the moment. Just waiting for the caffeine to kick in I guess.

Right, well as you may well have deduced from the title, we’ve been making progress – on a number of fronts – and I’m typing this from the south-western corner of Somerset, near the Devon border. Tomorrow we move on to the North Devon coast for a week with my family and hopefully some R & R. It’s been a trying few weeks.

Talking of trying, the other matter on which there has been progress is HRH a.k.a Trev’s Mum. Finally, on Tuesday she took up residence at her new home. Myself and Trev spent the morning personalising her room which as much of her stuff as we could – photo’s, trinkets, tv and her powered recliner. So far, she seems to like it although it’s early days. On a positive note with her now being in her own room again, the strategically positioned pillow is once again an option. Again, I AM joking……

I mentioned in the last blog what an amazing job Addenbrookes have done on her, so we really need to say a big thank you to the all the staff on ward G6 for their wonderful care and attention. I personally am so grateful to them for breathing new life in to my mother-in-law. Thank you very much. Now readers please feel free to apply as little or as much sarcasm to that last bit as you deem appropriate….

It’s not just HRH who’s been enjoying the attentions of the dedicated folk at Addenbrookes either. Last Wednesday I, after considerable persuasion from the Portly Partner presented myself at the reception of A & E with my dodgy knee. I was reluctant because it wasn’t either an Accident or an Emergency and it just didn’t seem appropriate but they understood my predicament and I joined the queue.

Within an hour and a half I was called and a VERY nice physio gave me – ok just my knee, one can fantasise – a good going over and soon isolated the problem – that one of the tendons on the inside leg was on the blink again. Treatment was simple. Rest and gentle exercises to strengthen it and pain relief. Well, I’ve managed one out of the three  - although I’m not sure real ale was what the physio had in mind – and it’s my own fault that there has not been much improvement yet but hopefully this coming week I’ll be able to take more care of it.

We had a lovely stay once again at Highfield Farm Touring Park in Comberton, just outside Cambridge pitching up as it turned out, for over two weeks. This was our third visit and there may well be a fourth when we head back to Cambridge in a weeks time – to catch up with HRH and carry out the sad task of emptying her bungalow. There will be a Site Arrival video and a Site Tour too at some point, though I’m making no promises as to when. My creative ‘get up and go’ – such as it is – seems to have got up and buggered off for the time being.20170802_195400

Anyway here we are in the south-west at Gamlins Farm near Wellington. We had a lovely evening last night, joining fellow caravanners Dan, Angela, young Chloe and the gorgeous Chops in their awning just a few miles away for grog, grub and a good old chinwag and it was nice to talk about stuff other than just hospitals, care homes and recalcitrant mother in laws. Dan is a vlogger – and a bloody good one too - and it was exciting to hear about his upcoming projects. Many of you may already be aware of his YouTube channel - The Trudgians – but if not I urge you to check it out. Great tips, tricks and product reviews for both the novice and more experienced caravanners alike.

So, a quick look at our current site. I grabbed some pictures this morning with the phone in what turned out to be a very short window whilst the sun was out:


It’s quite a pretty site as you can see and fairly easy to get to with just the last mile after you turn off from the A38 requiring a little more care. There will be the usual site arrival video in due course. There’s the usual facilities in including free WiFi which we don’t need the aerial to pick up. Trev is making use of the laundry and getting caught up with everything whilst I sit and pretend to type..

Right, that’s it for now. Thanks for bearing with us. Hopefully they'll be some photos from a sun-drenched (yeah, right) Devon to share in the next blog. Until then,

Rich & Trev.

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**Update** It now appears Gamlins Farm has closed.

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