Site Arrival Videos

Just a quick one.....

I am delighted to announce  an arrangement with my good friends at Cover 4 Caravans to supply Site Arrival videos for their YouTube channel. 
In addition, all the existing Site Arrival videos with my footage will be transferred over in the coming days.

Current and future videos that include footage sent in by your good selves will remain on my channel (Get Your) Legs Down.

I'm very much looking forward to expanding what I believe is a great resource in the coming months and years and will also be continuing to write Site Reviews for the Cover 4 Caravans website.

A big thanks to Director Richard Burgess for his enthusiastic committment and to everyone for your suport of both the YouTube channel and the blog this year, as always its much appreciated.



  1. Well done, very helpful resource.

  2. Site Arrival video's are very helpful and the bigger the library becomes the better.

  3. Don't mind where they are so long as they don't stop. So useful when going to a site you've never been before. Fab news on the collaboration.