Coming Soon – OL PRO – Product Review

Look what’s just arrived! A shipment of products from Worcestshire based company OL PRO:


From the left:

  • Winter Long  - to protect your caravan or motorhome when not in use or through winter.
  • Bottom & Top Plus – an er, interesting name which will no doubt raise an eyebrow or two among certain broad minded folk. Designed to replace the traditional pink and blue liquids for your loo.
  • Fresh & Clear  - all in one drain and pipe cleaner.
  • Inside & Out – a seven in one cleaner for your caravan, glass, wheels, hard surface, fabric, bathroom and those annoying black streaks.

And in the middle:

  • Sanidry – dehumidifying tray to catch humidity from the atmosphere and help keep the interior of your caravan or motorhome damp free.

Look out for reviews of all of these over the coming weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Oops must go back to SpecSavers. I read the label as Bottoms UP rather than Bottom and Top.