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WP_20140420_002Another product from OLPro and another one designed to help reduce the amount of stuff us caravanning and motorhoming types have to carry. The Inside & Out is marketed as a  7 in 1 cleaner, designed to replace – deep breath – caravan bodywork shampoo, black streak remover, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hard surface cleaner and fabric cleaner. Phew!
Our recent Easter weekend break at the Caravan Club site at Crystal Palace in London gave us the opportunity to try it out, so without further ado, let’s see how we got on:DSC_0007
First up was the caravan bodywork. The recent spell of dry weather meant that dear old Patsy 2 wasn’t that dirty – however a seagull had thoughtfully decorated the side of the van whilst she was in storage so there was at least something to test the product on. My shampoo of choice for both car and caravan has always been the popular ‘Zip Wax’ – it’s always done the trick and leaves a nice finish. This stuff of course doesn't have a wax component, but did clean the muck off effectively and rinsed away easily, although perhaps no better or worse than my usual stuff.
DSC_0013Patsy 2’s mascara hadn’t run so there were no black streaks to test the product on, but her alloy wheels were dirty and this stuff – applied neat  as advised - brought them up a treat. Apply the product to a cloth then wipe on, using a small brush to work it it into those hard to reach bits. Make sure you have plenty of water to hand to rinse off. When I have an empty spray bottle I will put some of this in and keep it with my car cleaning stuff.WP_20140420_003 It was very effective.
A stain on the carpet by the fridge had proved itself stubbornly resistant to the effects of a well known carpet cleaner but this stuff  done the trick too. I should point out though that it was applied neat – not what is recommended – but to date there has been no colour loss to the carpet.
It was effective too in cleaning both the vans’ kitchen sink and bathroom wash basin. The sink is metal and was getting discoloured with tea stains but they were soon gone. The basin too, this time plastic, came up also like new.
So, to conclude, another impressive product from the folks at OLPro. It won  the Practical Caravan 2013 Essential Product award  and it’s easy to see why, but would I buy it? Well, yes as it will come in handy at home too, although I will probably stick to Zip Wax for cleaning the outside of the van as you are getting some protection there too with the wax component. For everything else though it’s great and currently available on OL Pro’s website for under a tenner for two litres which will last ages. Buy it together with their ‘Bottom & Top’ – the double concentrate version of which we reviewed here – and there are further savings to be made.
Check back soon for more reviews of OLPro products.

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