Product Review – OLPro Fresh & Clear

WP_20140501_001Our third and last – for the time being – review of one of OLPro’s range of chemicals to help us caravanners keep caravanning.
Called Fresh & Clear it’s marketed as an all-in-one drain and pipe cleaner, helping to get rid of lime scale and curing your pipework of unpleasant whiffs and your water of unpleasant tastes. Instructions suggest diluting it to 10% so a 2 litre bottle should last quite a while.
OLPro suggest running it through your caravan or motorhome water system if it’s been standing idle for a while. Our Patsy 2 rarely gets the chance, but we would certainly use it at the beginning of the year and then perhaps every other trip to get rid of any nasty bacteria.
We did use it on the waste pipes – first bunging up the drain points at the rear of the van and filling the system with some Fresh & Clear and water. Being impatient and only leaving it a few minutes, it nonetheless removed some muck from the pipes when the bungs were released. A glance down the various plug holes gave another indication of the products impressive cleaning properties. 

Of course it’s use is not limited to campsites. Only tonight I ran it through the washing machine, adding the product to the detergent drawer as the machine filled. 

Thanks to the old dear downstairs and some tired plumbing (the flats, not hers – I hope) our kitchen sink waste frequently slows up and often belches unpleasant whiffs. Some Fresh & Clear poured neat down the plug hole at least gets rid of the smell. As an aside we discovered it cleans sink and drainer better than anything else we’ve tried too.

So, another versatile product from OLPro that's useful both at home and on the caravan site. Currently available on the OLPro website at less than a tenner for two litres and that seems excellent value to me.

Right, that’s it from OLPro for now, but we have two other products still to look at. The first is Winter Long – designed to protect the bodywork from tree sap, bird poo and the like when laid up over the winter.

The second is their Sanidry Dehumidifying Tray – to help keep the interior dry on those damp winter days. We’ll be reviewing both of those later in the year, in the meantime, many thanks to OLPro for letting us sample some of their products – there is lot’s more to their  range than just chemicals – and if they have anything else they’d  like to send us – we’d be only to happy to review it!

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