Product Review – Blue Bio Toilet Fluid

CzbM9O5W8AAdsKe.jpg largeI was recently sent some products from Wessex Chemical Factors Ltd and one of them was their Blue Bio toilet fluid. Our Christmas getaway in the caravan provided a perfect opportunity to test it out.

The key selling point of this over more traditional fluids more cassette type toilets is it’s contents. This has no harmful chemicals and is 100% biodegradable making it very environmentally friendly and prefect for use on sites who’s disposal facilities prohibit more toxic products. We came across a number of these on our trip across the channel to France where sites in rural locations rely on natural bacteria to break down the waste.

In addition it can be used in both the flush and waste tanks and only a little is needed – 10ml for the flush and 20ml for the waste.

We’ve now used it for a couple of weeks and I have to say I am quite impressed. Firstly, the design of the bottle allows you to easily dispense the right amount into the appropriate receptacle. It is a dark blue in colour – similar to more traditional ‘blues’ and has a subtle vaguely flowery aroma that we didn’t find unpleasant.

When used as a rinse it didn’t cling to, or stain, the bowl – unlike some others we’ve tried despite turning the water quite a rich blue colour.

Now to the nitty gritty. We generally adhere to the ‘no solids’ rule in our caravan loo – unless the situation dictates - so it could be argued that the product wasn’t erm, fully tested. However it was pretty successful in keeping any smells from wafting around the ‘van when the blade was opened. Emptying showed that the colour of the waste was well masked by the blue but once again didn’t stain as the water soon ran clear when the cassette was rinsed out.

So, all in all I was impressed. Remember though we’ve tested the product in the winter. A hot summer would provide a more challenging test in controlling those undesirable smells, so I’m going to hold some back and try it again in the summer – assuming we get one!

A one litre bottle costs £12.99 but the dosing level makes it quite competitive and it’s 2-in-1 usage means you don’t have to carry around two bottles.