Product Review: The Colapz Collapsible Range

If there is one thing that is always at a premium for campers it’s space – particularly if you don’t travel light. Like us. So any device or gadgets that save space must be welcome. I was recently sent four products from the Colapz range – a liquid container, bucket, a 2 in 1 bucket and watering can and a premium watering can. All useful stuff for both home and away and friend and fellow caravanner Dan recently made an excellent video blog on the same products that you can see here.


One concern we had was how durable they would be – particularly in very cold weather when a lot of plastics become very stiff and inflexible – our power cable is a prime example. However I was pleasantly surprised how supple they were after being packed away in the car overnight.

Right, first up was the liquid carrier – and it’s worth mentioning here that all these products are food grade – so filling with water for drinking is an obvious use. It has a cap at the top to keep any contaminants out and I reckon would be handy to keep your Aquaroll topped up:


Of course you don’t have to put water in it! It could come in very handy at a party too.

Next was the 2 in 1 bucket and watering can – and if you are going to invest this is probably one of the most useful products in the range you can buy.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how useful a watering can is to a caravanner. So I wont, I’ll just show you!


Maybe it’s your last night on site and you want to make a quick getaway in the morning, packing away as much as possible the night before. Use products from the Colapz range as an alternative to your Aquaroll and waste hog so you can still have running water in the van:


Which leads us to the bucket. Again, uses are many, from washing down your van – or car – , keeping as a fire bucket, to more important duties as an ice bucket for those summer soirees.

The last product was a premium watering can – a larger 9 litre capacity than the 2 in 1’s 7 litre capacity and with a solid handle.


So, an interesting and innovative range of products, that have their uses at home as well as away on your travels. The selling point is, quite obviously their collapsibility and I would think those who camp under canvas would find this most useful. Caravanners may find it a little harder to justify the premium prices, but they appear well made and should last a long while. The fact that they are all food grade is a definite plus point and the bright colours may encourage kids to get involved in some of the camping duties too.

To purchase any of these products direct from Colapz, go to their inline shop HERE