The Bailey Phoenix Photo Special

Once again we were delighted to be invited - along with other bloggers and vloggers - to the launch of a new caravan. Last year it was the latest incarnation of the Unicorn, Bailey’s top of the range model. This year it’s an entry level ‘van - christened ‘The First Choice’ - The seven layout range entitled Phoenix.


Taking over from the Pursuit there are a number of features that Bailey hope will make it stand out from similarly priced models from manufacturers.




We’ve seen to a return to the stable door - a clear wish for the majority on one of our recent polls, although at this price point there is no window in the door, however the large front vertical skylight brings it into line with stablemates Unicorn & Pegasus and does a great job of making the ‘van light and airy but with integrated fly and sun screens to keep the rays and bugs away when necessary.


Something we didn’t expect to see on a budget ‘van is a flyscreen but it’s included here - apt considering the summer we’re having.


An internal grab handle has been added to the right of the door as you enter - a welcome addition for the less mobile, young kids and those who have perhaps being overdoing the erm, research.

In the kitchen area a four burner hob remains with a drop down worktop cover and opposite the microwave is at last at a height you don’t need a pair of steps to reach.


Whilst the bathrooms may be slightly smaller - due in part to the caravan being narrower than it’s stablemates,the decent sized shower cubicle remains and there is a rooflight directly above the cubicle to help prevent condensation build up when showering.

In the lounge areas neutral fabric colour schemes make it easier to accessorise and we’ve seen the spot lights with integrated USB sockets make their way from the Unicorn although not throughout the entire ‘van.


Moving to the outside, there is no front locker but on three of the range there is extra space around the toilet cassette - handy for chemicals, bucket, watering can and so on. The toilet is thankfully on the offside - but oddly the mains inlet socket isn’t.DSC_0045

So, lets get to the price. The range starts at £16,699 for the two berth 420 and even the 6 berth twin axle comes in at under £20,000. So on the face of it you get a lot of ‘van for your money - and from what we’ve seen you do.

DSC_0027There are a few things missing though to help keep the costs down - ATC (trailer control) although that is available as an extra for £425. Heating is Truma’s blown air and you wont find external mains sockets or gas points. Unlike the Unicorn & Pegasus there is no solar panel and Truma’s iNet system is an optional extra.

We’ve mentioned before that our next ‘van is likely to be with fixed single rear beds and end bathroom and being current owners of an old Coachman we’ve always kept an eye on their offering in that layout.

The Phoenix incarnation impressed us though - light and airy and what you lose in front locker space you gain in the length of lounge seating. There is hardly any compromise in length for having fixed beds. The other thing is the price - The Phoenix 642 comes in at nearly two thousand pounds cheaper than Coachman’s entry level model in the same layout. Food for thought, but irrelevant to us we have no desire to get rid of Patsy.

So there it is, the Bailey Phoenix. For more details go to I hope you’ve enjoyed our little photos special. More from the Triple Eight tour soon.

Cheers as always

Rich & Trev



  1. Nice blog. Short and sweet but informative

  2. The little one is cute... Could tow that behind my motorhome. lol.