The Triple Eight Tour | Part 2 - Gloucestershire

Sorry, no references to songs this week, probably because I’m typing this completely sober. Well it is around 9am and that’s too early - even for me. Usually. Hopefully caffeine will do the trick this time.11022013

So, in what is undoubtedly our shortest tow ever our next stop was just 15 miles away at the Caravan & Motorhome Club site at Moreton-in-Marsh. You may recall we’ve been here a couple of times before. The first was back in February 2013 still very much as caravanning novices. The journey across Oxfordshire brought with it rain and later sleet. Overnight the forecasters got it right and we woke up to nearly six inches. A beautiful sight….

More recently, in 2015 we gathered with fellow caravanning pals for one of our Twittercamp meets - and that was the reason for our stay this time. Original plans were to meet at Tewkesbury but redevelopment work there, delayed due to the weather in the winter and spring - meant a change of venue. Of course, a week or so after we switched they announced that it would be opening on time. Oh well.

With a few regulars unable to come this time we were delighted to welcome some newbies - one of the benefits of social media is that we felt like we knew them already and met for the first time as friends rather than strangers.

20180706_091326First up and already on site when we arrived were Alan & Jackie, making the most of a shaded pitch - a luxury that we could well have done with. Alan had messaged me with what was available around and with this being one of the busiest sites on the network - and the weather being so good - there wasn’t much to choose from.

Later we were to be joined by regulars David, then Alison and more newbies in the shape of Peter then Ann & Gary. Ann has been a regular contributor of dashcam footage for my Site Arrival videos so it was nice to meet and say thank you in person.

Our meet was again sponsored by insurers Cover4Caravans and thanks to their generosity we were able to feed everyone several times during the meet, the first of which was for pizzas on the first night. My speciality in burnt offerings continued as we rather naively tried to cook one on our little Cadac without the proper kit. The topping was nice but the base was beyond redemption. The rest, cooked more conventionally in Patsy’s oven came out fine and seemed very well received.20180706_194600

Friday brought with it first a gathering for the usual bacon baps and then later on more arrivals with regulars Neil & Dave and newbie Martin appearing around lunchtime. It was bbq time in the evening - the first time we were all together - and it gave everyone a chance to meet properly. With regulars and meet quizmasters Sam & Andy sadly unable to make it this time there was no quiz but a large Jenga game - extracted from Alison’s Tardis like front locker - provided regular entertainment. Gifts from parents during Trev’s time as Caretaker at the school meant we’d acquired quite a lot of Prosecco and was happy to give it away. Well done to Jackie for winning the majority of it over the course of the weekend - almost enough to bathe in by my reckoning!

20180707_141747The meet was fairly evenly divided over who wanted to watch the footy on Saturday afternoon but some of us went into to Moreton to do just that. The Black Bear was the venue of choice not least because their real ale - a decent drop mind - was considerably cheaper than anywhere else. The benefit of ‘research’ on previous visits you see!

Well, we had a great time. A bus load of fans, turned away from other pubs were made welcome and really added to the atmosphere. I’d forgotten how much fun it was watching football in a pub. England won of course, a result that now seems a little hollow but it was good at the time.

That night we were reunited with our fellow campers for more pizza, none of which had to go in the bin, somewhat of an achievement given the amount of alcohol that had been imbibed.

After breakfast as usual on Sunday, everyone did their own thing whilst we went to the supermarket to procure the evenings nosh - a cold meat salad  which again seemed to go down well and provided a welcome change from burgers and bangers, particularly given the heat - although we certainly benefited from the warm nights, being able to sit out longer after the sun went down.

Monday morning saw the first of the departures, Martin who would be headed back to North Wales, then Alan & Jackie who had a much longer run back to Edinburgh. It was great to meet them all and they certainly seemed to enjoy their first Twittercamp. Hopefully it wont be the last and well see them again soon.20180709_163404

As is usual at Twittercamp, as hosts myself & Trev don’t get out and about much, other than to the nearest supermarket or to a pub. Or two. Pubs did feature on our outing into Moreton in the afternoon but only as part of a Spy Themed Treasure Trail procured by Neil. It took us around Moreton and away from the main drag and into the side streets - with a couple of refreshment stops too of course. Really good fun and thoroughly enjoyed by all. It’s something we intend to do more of, both at meets and when we on our own - you get to see and learn more about a place in a fun way.

20180710_100201No sooner had it started then it was all over. We were the first to leave on Tuesday morning, heading west into South Wales. Goodbyes are always sad but once again we - and I hope everyone else too - had a great time.

So, in no particular order thanks to: David, Alison, Alan, Jackie, Peter, Martin, Neil, Dave, Ann & Gary for being part of it and making Twittercamp what it is.

Thank you too to our sponsor - Richard from Cover4Caravans - whose continued support is very much appreciated by all.

Right, until next time, thanks for reading.

Cheers & Beers

Rich & Trev.


P.S. Big thanks to Dan for creating this great symbol for our trip.

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