Camping (it up) in the Cotswolds - pt 2 – Just a little one….

After sending out the last blog, and with the rain still coming down, we decided that some more research was in order. We headed back in to Moreton and first to the Inn on Marsh. This was a Marston’s pub but having already sampled most of their beers in the past we chose instead Ringwood Best Bitter. A nice traditional bitter and at £2.85/ pint, not too much of a strain on the wallet. The pub was warm and cosy, in stark contrast to the icy drizzle outside. The rugby was on the telly and whilst it is not our favourite sport it was nice to watch a picture that didn’t pixelate into a jumbled mess every couple of minutes.

We stayed for the first half which meant having to sample a second pint before moving on, ending up back at The Bear Inn and a pint of the delicious BB whilst England emerged victorious over Ireland. With the rain turning to sleet we decided to head back to Patsy for dinner.

The radio provided most of the evenings entertainment but we watched some stuff recorderd at home, and transferred to my little netbook, over a glass of vino and some cheese and biscuits later on.

It was about midnight when Trev got up for a leak and heard something sliding off the awning. He opened the door to investigate and discovered that the roof was bending under the weight of the snow. He was able to force most of it off, but it was snowing quite heavily and had to do it a couple more times throughout the night. I was awake too, but he seemed to be managing without my help so I stayed snuggled up in bed. A brief glance outside though showed the extent of the snowfall and it looked quite pretty, in the way that untouched snow always does before it’s trodden or driven on.

P1010174 P1010177 P1010178
Breakfast time and it was still snowing and by now there had been a  good five inches or so (hmm). We decided against going it in the car and instead walk in to Moreton to have a look around and get a few pictures. My new boots – black leather of course, recommended and acquired by a friend provided excellent grip and managed to keep me vaguely vertical. The snow was still falling but no longer settling and the increasing muddy slush did detract from the otherwise attractive appearance of the place. We paused for coffee and a toasted muffin before procuring some fresh bread and heading back to a nice warm Patsy for lunch. There had been quite a few departures from the site in the morning, and now there a few turning up – clearly there are other caravanners who are as hardy – or as daft – as us!

P1010180  P1010183

We have a plan to head in to Chipping Norton later this afternoon for a look around and a meal, but at the time of typing the snow is coming down heavy again, so we shall see.

Hopefully, there will be more to tell you about in part 3 other than the weather – still it is February!

P1010193 P1010184 P1010186
P1010188 P1010189 P1010192

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