Camping (it up) in the Cotswolds – Pt 6

The sixth and final part of our trip around the Cotswolds continues and concludes with an excursion northwest first, dropping in first on the Broadway Tower, via Bourton-on-the-Hill. You can climb the tower and I’m sure the views from the top would be great on a clear day, but given that it was a little hazy we decided against it. Having to traipse across a muddy path, wearing my eminently sensible winkle pickers, whilst Trev was wearing entirely inappropriate walking shoes may have had a bearing on it too!

P1010006 P1010004 P1010007
P1010001 20130215_113121 (2) P1010003
Next up was the village of Broadway itself, and another stunningly beautiful place. The road in bends around to the right and you pass through the village centre, pretty enough in itself. Turn to the left though and you come across a street appearing almost entirely deserted. A couple of solitary cars – three once we arrived – tell you otherwise but it was like arriving on a film set. Another thing absent was ‘For Sale’ signs – clearly no-one is in a rush to move from here and who can blame them.

P1010014 P1010016 P1010019
On the way out of town we passed another Caravan Club site – another great location and a possibility when we come back for another visit.

P1010018 P1010015 P1010017
Heading east, Chipping Camden was next. Another typically pretty Cotswold village, bustling but  sadly somewhat spoilt by traffic. We – adding to the traffic of course – traversed slowly in the vain hope of a parking space and, ironically, the chance of a photo without a car in it! No such luck so we moved on.

To Shipston-on-Stour, a bit further west and crossing the County line again, this time in to Warwickshire. Not like the picture postcard villages we’ve seen but an attractive little town nonetheless. It was also the hometown of Carl, the caravan mobile service chap who had so kindly given us the new hitch cover the day before. He had recommended a cafe there so we paused, initially for coffee, but then lunch. The Cafe was renowned, Carl told us for it’s Spanish fayre, with it’s Tapas a locals favourite. We predictably ignored this and opted for sarnies, but very tasty they were too.

Last stop of the day was at Chipping Norton, made famous partially (or maybe infamous) because of one or two public figures who have made it their home. Again , pleasant enough, but there wasn’t much here that we hadn’t seen before. The stop was not wasted though. An amble through  small department store in the main drag yielded a pair of driving gloves that I’d been thinking of getting for ages. Black – obviously, and leather – ditto – and reduced to half price. Result!

So, another outing for Patsy at an end and yet more confirmation, if needed, of what a wonderfully beautiful and diverse place we live in. I can see why the Cotswolds are such a draw, particularly for overseas visitors, but shudder at the thought of all the crowds in the summer – assuming we get one anyway!

Right, what’s next? Well, back to work on Monday, driving ‘posh kids’ around. Ok, the money’s not great but at least it’s not them bloody parcels anymore. Moreover, in just over a month the Easter holidays start and ‘her ladyship’ will be back on the road again, which means yet more blogs for you to enjoy – or endure!


  1. Do try the Broadway site, it's one of our favourites. Lots of lovely places to go nearby and a great chip van visits the site every week.

    1. Hi Teddy, thanks for the advice. I think the chip van has just sealed the deal!