Camping (it up) in the Cotswolds – pt 5

Thursday, and quite a stunning change in the weather. Heavy rain throughout the night had washed away the snow, the sun was out too and it was significantly warmer.

20130215_101007 IMAG0280 20130215_101026

Heading south again, first up was Bibury, almost impossibly quaint and whose main attraction is Arlington Row – thought to be the most photographed street in Britain. Have a look at the pictures below and you’ll see why. We’d ignored the satnav and ended up on a few very narrow and muddy country lanes as a result on the way, but it was certainly worth it.



20130214_110426 P1010017 20130214_110438

Burford was next and another stunningly beautiful place, helped too by the sun showing it’s presence. A great high street littered with local shops and, yes a number of inviting looking pubs too. Another great place to come and stay but I’m not sure my liver would agree.

P1010025 20130214_114148 P1010022

P1010032P1010026 P1010027 

Third cab off the rank was for Minster Lovell, as we moved east in to Oxfordshire. Much smaller than Burford and with it’s own charm but  a firm favourite on the tourist trail, not least for the ruins of Lovell Hall, almost hidden by the village church at the far end of a country lane.

P1010034 P1010041 P1010036

P1010045 P1010050 P1010052

Last stop of the day was in Whitney, first for a late lunch and then a stroll around the town before heading back remarking again, how different the landscaped looked only a couple of days ago.

Right, let me digress for a moment.  Our hitch cover – procured prior to our trip around the British Isles last year, was torn, discoloured and clearly needed replacing. It looked what it was – cheap and now nasty. Before Christmas I had tried to make one out of some old rubber sheeting (don’t ask) but eventually gave up and chucked it. More recently we’d found someone on eBay who could supply a personalised one and thought that would be a great way to promote my blog whilst on site. The company however were clearly not interested in my business as the couldn’t be arsed to respond to any of my emails.

There is a point to all this, please stick with it! A couple of days ago I’d put an announcement out on Twitter cheekily asking for a new hitch cover, offering a link on my blog by return. Well, we were sat having a cuppa when Carl’s Mobile Caravan Servicing appeared outside with a new hitch cover! We had another cuppa and a good chinwag about caravanning. A big thanks to Carl for his generosity.

In fact that’s not the only freebie we’ve acquired since joining the world of Twitter. Sticker Bucket sent us some new decals for Patsy a couple of weeks ago, and very smart they look too. Just wondering now if I can get someone to sponsor me a new long leather coat!

Dinner was burgers – not perhaps the most romantic of foods given that it was Valentines Day. However, the burgers, purchased at a butchers in Burford earlier – and cooked on the BBQ by yours truly – were without doubt the best we’ve ever tasted. And there’s been a few I can tell you!

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